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 An Industrial Holding Company Providing a Platform for Global Growth 

NM Group Global LLC (NMGG) is a holding company for a growing group of manufacturing firms with a global reach for sourcing and marketing. Founded in 2002 with the purchase of National Machinery LLC, the original holding company has expanded well beyond its core company. NMGG owns or has significant financial interests in a group of companies which share several common traits; namely, engineered metal products or equipment with value added in design, manufacturing and marketing. Affiliate companies typically have long established operations and venerable brand names, and are leaders in niche manufacturing areas.

The philosophy and mandate of NMGG is to promote a higher level of market and financial performance of its group companies. This is accomplished by various means including:

  • Leveraging core competencies and sharing of best practices across NMGG companies.

  • A commitment to appropriate capital structure design and strong financial management.

  • Generating a greater competitive edge through design innovation and lower cost global sourcing.

  • Increased sales and service in international markets, including rapidly growing countries Brazil, Russia, India, and China along with other emerging markets.

NM Group Global is also distinguished by its ability to be acquisitive by having a private equity affiliate, Alpha Capital Partners Ltd.  However, unlike most private equity firms and many manufacturing firms, the philosophy of NMGG is to operate with a strong balance sheet without extensive use of leverage.  This allows management to focus on business execution without undo distraction on financial matters at the operating level.


NMGG Corporat Structure
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